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Welcome to our new

Hosting page. We are offering up enough space to get your gamesite on. It will be a sub-domain of q3files.com. Or if you have a domain already you can park it to q3files and use it. Or you can order a domain for 9.99 a year through us.

If you have any questions about this offer please use our contact page and send us a message.

After submission of your site. We will review it and if it meets the criteria will we will setup the space and email you with the login info's

GameSite Hosting - Get your Gamesite.q3files.com on!

Our basic plan includes a sub-domain of q3files.com

- example


Webspace - 100 megabytes

Bandwidth - 500 megabytes

POP 3 emails - 5 (johndoe@mysite.q3files.com)

MySQL databases - 5

Parked Domains - 1

Cpanel X Included in the space.

IF you are ready to order your new game site space please visit our CONTACT page.

Please be sure to add the following information in the comments.

Website url (yoursite.q3files.com) - example

Desired username and password for your account.

and lastly your email addy.

We offer CMS site setups for $5.00 extra.



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