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Welcome to q3files!


A file base for quake 3 arena skins maps custom models, tweaks, tutorials, mods, patches, server query and more!  Learn to skin using our skinning tutorial. Learn to setup a dedicated server, using our dedicated server tutorial. And More!

q3files is 17 years old! We have been serving up the same great filesource for Classic Q3 files for some time now.  Check out our downloads!.


 We will be updating soon for 2021. Thanks for supporting us in these 17 years online.

  ALSO If you come across any files that are corrupted please send me a email at stevenb@mypop3.me and I will get er fixed.



     Latest News....


I am currently updating this old website. to 2021. So stay tuned for further developments.  Quake 3 Arena 1.16n has fallen. This site will need major updating. Work in progress.


Everything is 1.32 or above now. I am setting up a 1.16N Hook and Rail server. Going to be running Beryllium mod in it. Just for the kicks of it. I will post a IP here soon to anyone who would like to relive the far far past lol.







 PadMaps Now Available


 We are offering up PADMAPS here at q3files.com

 Along with some other maps that reflect a small view of the big world.

 Check it out via our maps page in downloads.

 These maps are very hard to find. And it took us awhile,

 but we got em WOOT!


 Dedicated Game Servers (from the designer of NoGhost)


 We are proud to sponsor Maverick Servers. He offers many types of different  game hosting. Check out our Game Server Hosting page via link on the left.


From the Creator of Noghost


Check out Mavericks Game Server Hosting via the Game Server Hosting page listed in the menu. Excellent pricing, and service.



















































All files on this site are from around the net. The copywrites on the files for quake3arena remain to the respected owners,

All files a freely distributed  c) 2021  Q3FILES.COM