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Discussion and General
Quake 2 Quake 3
Planet Quake Forums
The Phhortress
Friday Night Frag Fest Schedule
3 Finger’s Quake II Page Upset Chaps - Downloads How To:Quake 3
Planet Quake:Quake 2 Planet Quake:Quake 3


Quake 2 Quake 3, PR 1.17
Capture the Chicken Aqualung (only for 1.17)
Eraser Beryllium
Eraser Ultra Coliseum
Lithium II Corkscrew
Rocket Arena 2 Excessive
Weapons of Destruction Pwrweapons
  Rocket Arena 3
  Slaughter (only for 1.17)
  Terminator (only for 1.17)
  Titanium (only for 1.17)
  Urban Terror Beta 2
  Kill The King
  Weapons of Fury
  No Item Quake 3
  QPong Arena
  Classic Quake Arena
  Q3 Catch the Chicken


Quake 2 Quake 3
Big House
Level of the Week LvL
  Shug's Crib
  Quake 2 Maps for Quake 3: Arena
  Spankenstein's Reliquary


Models & Skins
Quake 2 Quake 3
Telefragged Skins
FNFF Quake 2 Skins FNFF Quake 3 Skins
  Umustdie Quake 3 Arena Skin Supply


Configurations, Binds, & Aliases
Quake 2 Quake 3
Fahrenheit176’s Quake 2 Console Commands The Bind: Arena
The Bind  
  Commander Keen's Quake 3 Arena Console Page Commands
  Q3A Console Commands and Variables


Server Administration
Quake 2 Quake 3 (used to be Admin Central)


Bots & Routes
Quake 2 Quake 3
Bot Epidemic
Bot Studio
Fred’s Quake II Route File Depot
  Create Your Own Bots (may be dead)

Quake 2 Walkthroughs
Walkthrough Comments
Quake 2 - Basic Game Contains a pretty good walkthrough for all 8 units
Quake 2: Ground Zero Provides guidance for the Ground Zero missions but focuses on secrets

Application Comments
Roger Wilco One of the original voice chat apps. It's pretty easy to set up and is supported by ICQ and Gamespy
Gamevoice This application was known as Battlecom before it was acquired by Microsoft. It is now integrated into their Sidewinder GameVoice package
Teamsound I haven't tried this though it looks pretty interesting

Useful Tools and Sites
Application Comments
PakScape Great program for exploring and creating .pk3 and .pak files for Quake 2 and 3
Irfanview32 Best general (and free) graphics viewer I have come across
FPS tracking worksheet My own Excel worksheet for tracking my FPS across several video settings Broadband tweaks and speed patches
DSL Reports Java applet for testing your upload and download speed
2Wire Check for DSL availability in your area and test your bandwidth
Gamepower More tweaks for your system set-up, video card, and connection
Techtips Tips and info on how to get the most out of your computer. Covers everything from building your dream gaming rig to tweaking your config
Crosshairs Customize your crosshairs
Practically Networked Learn everything you need to build a home network
Qxygen Just in case you're looking for some Quake art
The Wall Great collection of Quake 3 wallpapers
id Gamma Utility to tweak you graphics settings, image darkness, etc
autoexec.cfg My autoexec.cfg file
Peer-to-peer play via modems This site describes what you need to do to directly connect two computers via modems
Geekplay Great application for viewing 1.17 and 1.27 demos
GeForce FAQ General FAQ for all GeForce related questions





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